Benefits of smart lights in your home automation

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The intelligent lighting is a global systems of the home automation home where automation can offer great benefits and can improve your life and your family. Do you want to know how? Do not stop reading the blog.

If you want more information about smart lights in the home or about home automation systems in general, I recommend these two articles to familiarize yourself with the subject.

Benefits of installing home automation lights

The implementation of smart lights helps clearly in different aspects at home.

From energy savings to the ability to upgrade your home’s interior design, smart lighting controls offer myriad benefits that are often undermined by homeowners. So much so, that they even increase the value of the home at the time of sale.

automation systems.

3 Options for placing automated lights at home

The smart lighting system is one of the common starting points in a home system, offering three easy-to-implement options.

You can install hard-wired light switches directly into the walls, use an app-enabled smart plug, or simply swap out your bulbs for smart bulbs that have the ability to connect to your local Wi-Fi network.

The options are many, as are the budgets that are managed. Home automation allows you to create smart solutions adapted to your budget at the time.

home automation

Implementation of Connected Lights for the home

However, if you want to install a lighting system for the entire home, you will need a detailed initial plan and budget. The best way to create one is, without a doubt, to find out how you want your smart system to work before implementing it.

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Here are some of the great benefits of integrated whole-house lighting systems. Each one of them highlights a value that smart lighting can add to your property, and to your lifestyle.

Improve the design of your smart home

A smart lighting system can drastically improve the style of your home, in addition to allowing you to create optimal environments for any activity or mood, simply by using an aesthetic lighting application, which brings out the best characteristics of your interiors.

Coupled with the right lighting design, smart home features can significantly enhance your interiors to make them even more functional.

How do smart lights affect the people living in the home?

Studies show that the quality of lighting in homes directly affects the people who live in it, in many ways.

Good lighting improves the mood and attractiveness of interiors, greatly contributing to people’s well-being and common sense.

Together with proper smart control, the design and layout of smart lighting can multiply the benefits on both a practical and psychological level.

Thanks to central lighting control systems, it is also possible to minimize the number of wall plates and get rid of what is known as wall-acne.

Greater security and protection in your automatic home

A lighting control system can support the security of your home to provide greater protection while on vacation. Your lighting system may periodically turn on or off. Previously you can program the lighting of your house to simulate that there are still people in it. Thus scaring away, the friends of others.

home automation

These features can provide an extra layer of support for your alarm system to deter intruders.

Integration with your smart home system means that you can use your smart lighting system to react to various events in your home.

For example, your lights might flicker when the smoke detector detects a dangerous fire, or your yard lights might automatically turn on when the sun goes out, avoiding stumbling due to lack of light.

Energy savings and media savings

Smart lights help improve the economy of media and energy. With the simple use of smart bulbs with dimming capabilities, you can extend the life of your lamps up to twenty times longer and thus reduce costs by up to forty percent.

Considering that an intelligent lighting control system extends to different rooms within the house, the energy savings throughout the house could be extensive.

In the long term, saving a little light control could lead to up to 90% reduction in energy use; depending on the correct use of Led lighting, sensors and controls, connectivity, analytics and intelligence.

The savings that come from smart lighting are not only linked to savings on media.

The smart dimmers and central control through

home automation makes it possible to adjust the intensity of the light according to your preferences, the activity or the time of day, they reduce the power of the light source or the bulb, thus saving energy and can extend the life of the bulbs.

The smart bulbs incandescent and halogen can last up to 20 times when used with a dimmer, increasing at the same time saving.

The LED bulbs work best when attenuates, which can also prolong its life.

Coexistence in your smart home

A smart lighting setup eliminates reliance on light switches to control scene lighting and activity.

With the help of custom scheduling, you can set specific lighting settings for different activities, activated with a single tap on a tablet.

When you get home, the “welcome scene” can light up your hallway. When you find yourself preparing your favorite food in the kitchen, you can turn on the right lights to be comfortable. When watching a movie with your family, “Movie Mode” can dim all the lights to create a cinema atmosphere and atmosphere.

When you go to bed, with just one touch, you can turn off all the lights in the house and leave the alarm activated, so that nothing will disturb your sleep.

The convenience of smart home lighting isn’t just limited to when you’re in it. Remote access to your smart home can offer you the convenience of accessing your smart home security and lighting.

With lighting systems connected, anywhere in the world, you can check your lights and turn them off or on with ease.

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