Electrician: What you need to know about the profession


Certain professions will always remain relevant, especially in the 21st century, when modern technologies are rapidly developing and are connected with the electrical grid. So, you can find out what kind of profession an electrician is. You can also find out what a representative of this profession does and what career opportunities open up for him.

Labor activity is associated with numerous processes that require mandatory qualified access to safety, is closely related to the profession of a technician. Electricians face increased risks. For this reason, a young specialist cannot be admitted to areas that do not correspond to his qualifications.

Electricians have 5 tolerance classes for the work ahead:

1.The employee has no special education. However, the initial and introductory briefing was carried out for him. Thus, a specialist knows how to successfully comply with safety precautions when working with a variety of electrical devices.

2. The specialist has special education. For this reason, he can successfully use high voltage equipment. The minimum length of service for obtaining a second admission should be 1-2 months.

3. The specialist is already trained at the level of knowledge and practice. He knows all the technical safety rules of equipment and can work with voltages up to 1000 Volts. Work experience should be 2-10 months.

4. A highly qualified specialist has knowledge of working with electricity and can successfully carry out repairs, connect, and disconnect existing electrical networks.

5. The fifth grade is traditionally the highest. In this case, the specialist has in-depth knowledge of the existing area and can identify breakdowns in order to be guaranteed to eliminate them in the future. In addition, it becomes possible to conduct training for younger colleagues.

Obligations of electricians

You need to clearly know what a beginner and experienced electrician are doing. This information will be useful for children and adults.

The main duties of electricians

  • Designing the distribution of electrical networks in residential and industrial premises;
  • Professional repair of electrical wiring, various equipment on a private and industrial-scale;
  • Carrying out installation and repair activities, implementation of subsequent commissioning.

Basic requirements for personal qualities

It is impossible to become a qualified electrician only if you have one desire.

It is recommended to meet the following personal qualities that determine professional suitability for the future job:

  • Good physical shape and healthy joints;
  • Memory;
  • Increased responsibility;
  • Readiness for physical labor;
  • Striving to develop practical skills and gain new knowledge.

Contraindications to work as an electrician

The work of an electrician involves physical activity and a high risk to life and health. For this reason, you will initially need to undergo a medical examination.

Main contraindications:

  • Diseases of the heart, central nervous system, spine, lungs;
  • Problems with joint mobility, as a result of which a person cannot be active;
  • Mental disorders;
  • Phlebeurysm.

How can you become an electrician

  • To obtain the profession of an electrician, 9 grades of secondary school are enough.
  • Then you can enter a school or college in the relevant specialty. During the training, you will need to gain knowledge and practice.

Pros and cons of the profession

Before deciding on the choice of a professional direction, it is advisable to carefully study the features of the pros and cons of the work.


  • The demand for the profession in the existing labor market;
  • No need to get higher education;
  • The ability to work for an employer or yourself.


  • Increased responsibility;
  • The need to develop knowledge and skills;
  • The presence of medical contraindications;
  • Serious physical labor.


Knowing what kind of profession an electrician is, you can make the right decision regarding the choice of this direction. For this reason, the information provided is useful for children and adults, and you also learned an electrician who he is and what he does.