furniture movers

It is not as easy to transport furniture movers correctly as it might seem from the outside, especially when it comes to expensive or antique items or models with a non-standard design.

The need of furniture movers can arise in a variety of situations:

  • when the office moving,
  • when repairing,
  • when buying a new
  • or transportation to the dacha, etc.

in any case, professional furniture movers help is required.


  • It is not recommended to undertake such work on your own! The risk of damaging or damaging the furniture is too high.
  • And on how correctly the furniture is assembled before and after transportation, its durability, appearance, performance, and even safety largely depend.
  • Entrust this work to professional furniture movers company. Their specialists are well acquainted with the peculiarities of fastening of all parts and have all the tools necessary for work. You do not have to worry about the safety of your furniture during transportation.


  • assembly and disassembly of cabinet furniture
  • built-in wardrobes and interior items
  • archive racks
  • shutdown and disassembly of shower cabins
  • shutdown and installation of the whirlpool bath
  • switch off the hob and oven
  • removal and installation of lighting devices
  • other technically complex operations
  • as well as the transportation of all the furniture mentioned above.

Furniture packaging is necessary so that the furniture movers during an apartment or office move does not affect its integrity and appearance. The more expensive the furniture, the higher its need for packaging. This is especially true for antiques, which are more fragile and prone to breakage when performing an apartment move.

  • Professional packaging of furniture. Every detail of the product will be reliably protected.
  • Quality packaging materials. If you want to make packaging yourself, we will help you select the most suitable materials, as well as their quantity, and deliver the purchase to your home or office.
  • A full range of services for the assembly, disassembly, and packaging of furniture.


Real professionals in their field are engaged in the packing of furniture they can pack any kind of cargo!

For each piece of furniture, their specialists select the optimal packaging materials has at its disposal :

  • High-strength boxes of various capacities for packing various types of goods.
  • Foam packaging for delicate items such as antique furniture.
  • Three-layer air bubble film for packaging lacquered and polished furniture. Also, the film is used as a cushioning material for packaging fragile parts and items.
  • Special tape that does not leave marks on furniture.
  • Stretch film is a high-density film designed for fastening small items.
  • And much more.

They provide this service in the shortest possible time, but they will advise you to order furniture packaging in advance, 2-3 days before moving.

They are well acquainted with the peculiarities of the packaging of various types of furniture and we know well what is necessary to ensure that the product is safely delivered to its destination.

Loader work cost

Sometimes the cost of movers’ services does not depend on time, but on the quantity and dimensions of goods, therefore, to calculate the approximate cost and sign the contract, call the company’s appraiser.

Warranties for the services of movers

They provide professional loader services. Turning to us in order to hire movers, you get a guarantee of high quality of the services provided, as well as an individual approach and a short time frame for order execution. Disciplined, responsible specialists will take care of the safety of your property because they use modern high-tech equipment that eliminates the risk of damage to the cargo. Additional reliability will be ensured by clear planning, impeccable organization, strict control of all processes, and, finally, by the insurance service of the transported goods. Therefore, you can safely entrust them with even the most expensive and rare items.