Bicycle: The best top 5 bikes in 2020

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Bicycle are a popular transport used for tourism, transportation in the city, and entertainment. In large cities, a bicycle allows you to forget about traffic jams. We decided to identify the best bikes in different categories: city, road, BMX, touring, making the top 5 best models.

There are a lot of models of two-wheeled vehicles, most of them are adapted for use in certain conditions. This simultaneously allows you to select the option that best meets the requirements, and at the same time complicates the selection.

Best bicycle for the city SHULZ Goa Coaster

  • convenient folding design;
  • easy;
  • sturdy aluminum frame.

The SHULZ Goa Coaster is a lightweight, compact bike with a foldable frame design. This allows it to be lifted to the desired floor in the house, transported in public transport, in the trunk of a car. The model is rightfully at the top of the city bike rating. Aluminum alloy frame, small wheels – 20 inches. Weight is only 12.3 kg. When folded, it can be stored in a closet, apartment corridor, in a closet. The SHULZ brand produces the best bicycle for the city of Australian production.

The model is suitable for both men and women. Can be completed with luggage rack or shopping basket. Best suited for trips up to 10-15 km. There are 3 speeds. In addition, the bike is more suited for smooth roads without curbs. Affordable, you can purchase up to 25,000 dollars.

Best budget bicycle FORWARD Valencia 24 1.0

  • cost 5-6 thousand rubles;
  • optimal price-quality ratio;
  • folding design;
  • convenient for the city.

Model of domestic production of the classical type. Topped the rating of budget bicycles for a low price, durability, reliability. Steel frame. Designed for adults or teenagers. There is only one speed. Wheel diameter 24 inches. The design is foldable, which makes it easier to climb and descend stairs or in the elevator of a multi-storey building. When folded, FORWARD Valencia 24 1.0 is easier to store at home or transport in the trunk of a car.

Designed for use in urban environments and outside the city. It is best to ride in areas where there are few curbs. the bike is not very comfortable for traveling on rough terrain.

We can recommend buying to those people who need a durable, hardy two-wheeled vehicle to travel to work, to the country, for walks, and at the same time the budget is limited

Best Merida Cyclo Cross 300 Road Bicycle

  • weight 10.7 kg;
  • the highest amateur class;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • 20 speeds;
  • reliable disc brakes.

The Taiwanese company Merida makes the best road bikes, which includes the premium model Merida Cyclo Cross 300. It costs a lot – from 50 thousand dollars. The fastest bike in this review has 20 gears. On a flat paved highway without a motor, it can compete with a good moped. On level areas it easily accelerates to 28-29 km / h. Weighs only 10.7 kg due to the aluminum alloy frame. This is the lightest road bike in the top.

A bike that allows you to understand what speed is. It can cover long distances of 100-150 km or more. All equipment is of a pre-professional class. Holds turns confidently. The rubber is tenacious, does not lose contact with the road, even on dry dirt paths and fine gravel. One of the coolest bikes in the top.

The Merida Cyclo Cross 300 is suitable for cyclocross training for amateurs and beginners.

Best BMX bike STARK Madness BMX 1

  • sturdy frame;
  • the price is 12 thousand rubles;
  • reliable caliper brakes.

The model topped the list of the best entry-level BMX bikes. This class appeared in the 60s of the last century for training future motorcycle racers. There were no cross-country motorcycles for children then, so they were trained on bicycles. But later BMX began to be used for performing various jumps and other tricks.

A high-quality product, while it is inexpensive (up to 15,000 dollars). In our review, it is the cheapest bmx. It has a solid steel frame, one speed, wide 20 “wheels ideal for off-roading. Caliper brakes provide high reliability and safety.

BMX STARK Madness BMX 1 is more suitable for children and teenagers for fun and for learning extreme skiing.

Best Cube Touring Road Bike

  • universal high-speed bike;
  • suitable for highways, mountains, off-road;
  • large wheels;
  • sturdy frame.

The model made it to the top as the winner in the category of the best road bikes for tourism. The Cube Touring is a hybrid bike that combines the qualities of city, road and mountain bikes. If you choose which bike to buy for an adult man or woman, then it is best to take a tourist bike. It allows you to travel in almost any conditions: in the city, on the highway, in the mountains, on country roads. This is a versatile bike.

The Cube Touring weighs 16.2 kg. On its trunk, you can carry a backpack with things. Wheels with a diameter of 28 inches have good flotation. Vibration from uneven road surfaces is absorbed by a spring fork with a travel of 63 cm. The model is equipped with effective brakes. This bicycle for tourism allows you to travel long distances, which is important in Australia. You can find in trade enterprises up to 30,000 dollars.

On such a fast “bike” it is better to travel long distances. We will recommend it for tourism. One of the best mid-range touring bikes on the market.