What diamonds are made of


Real diamonds are made from natural diamonds. It is a mineral formed naturally from carbon atoms under high pressure and temperature. Diamonds are mined at their deposits, so the cost of natural jewelry is high. Synthetic diamonds are produced artificially by acting on carbon by pressure and temperature. A method for making diamonds from human dust has been developed

How to distinguish a real diamond from a fake, ways

There are no analogs of a diamond, that is, precious stones with identical properties. For the manufacture of jewelry, artificially made stones are used, which outwardly very much resemble diamonds. Such stones are much cheaper and do not have appropriate certificates. Although outwardly they are almost indistinguishable from diamonds, there are several ways to distinguish diamonds from cubic zirconia or moissanite.

Professional methods

Jewelers assess authenticity using complex physical and chemical methods. Thermal conductivity and light reflection, density and mass of the stone are measured. Under a microscope, the presence of the smallest defects and inclusions is determined. The stone is translucent in ultraviolet radiation.

Traditional methods of verifying the authenticity of the stone

You can evaluate the signs of the authenticity of a diamond at home: if you breathe on a diamond, it will not fog up; fat leaves a wide strip on natural stone, and collects in drops on moissanite or cubic zirconia; if you run the edge of the diamond on the glass, a scratch will remain; diamonds sink in water, floating stones are glass or moissanite.

When buying diamond jewelry in a store, you should pay attention to the presence of a certificate from the GIA. Diamond is always set inexpensive metals – platinum or gold, the fineness of the metal is always indicated. In the store, these data are indicated on the tag in the form of a code: the first number indicates the number of stones; next comes the alphanumeric designation of the shape of the cut and the number of faces; the next digit of the marking is the total carat weight; fractions indicate color and clarity; the last letter denotes the cut grade.

Stone cost

Prices for diamonds start at 10,000 dollars per carat. Diamonds are so expensive because the diamonds from which they are made are rare. They are mined with great difficulty – to find a carat of a diamond, you need to process 250 tons of ore.

The cost of diamonds depends on several factors:

  • Colour:
  • weight;
  • faceting;
  • purity.

White diamonds, although they are the most common, can cost more than rubies, sapphires, and emeralds.

Also, the stone becomes more expensive if it has one of the fancy shades: pink – from $ 5,000 per carat;

  • brown – from $ 4,000 per carat;
  • yellow – from $ 4,000 per carat;
  • blue – from $ 10,000 per carat;
  • green – from $ 100,000 per carat.

The calculation of the cost of crystals up to 5 carats follows the rule – the mass in carats is multiplied by double the cost of a carat. There is a most favorable day for buying diamond jewelry – the 15th lunar day. After the purchase, the jewelry should lie down, you can wear it after 2 weeks.

Stone jewelry

Women are not advised to buy diamond jewelry on their own. A diamond should be a gift from a man, only then will he fully reveal his characteristics.

The setting for diamonds is selected depending on the color of the crystal. Any metal is suitable for a white diamond – gold, silver, platinum. Black gets only platinum. Reds and purples look good in white gold, and browns in yellow. You need to properly care for diamond jewelry, then they will retain their beauty for a long time.

Care guidelines include: wear jewelry so that they do not get cosmetics and chemicals; you can not wear jewelry in a bath, sauna, solarium – a white bloom forms on the diamond from the heat; keep diamond jewelry separate from others; clean the diamond with a soft cloth moistened with soapy water.

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