Family Counseling Recommend 4 Ways to Manage Heartbroken

Family Counseling

According to family counseling, if the same symptoms that everyone has experienced, such as “heartbreak” that although encountered different karma, different times, different actions, but the symptoms that occur will be similar, such as unable to eat, sleep, sleep, think about the day and time. Have fun together The mood of the slot machine’s music that says, “This heart does not dwell like it was hit repeatedly and satisfied.

This heart is stupid. Admonition never listens to each other. “In this section, family counseling psychologists I have explained that When people are heartbroken Our brains have symptoms similar to those who stop using drugs. Or psychological language called “drug withdrawal”, that is, the brain releases neurotransmitters “cortisol” and “adrenaline” causing stress.

The brain works harder than usual In the case of drug withdrawal, it manifests itself in the form of drug cravings. But in the case of a broken heart, It is expressed in the form of repeated thinking, the rationale for what she left me because of stress, depression, anxiety, which this heartbreak is upsetting and losing people. Losing work quite a bit.

It can also make the heartbroken become depressed so that we can manage the symptoms of a broken heart.

Family counseling psychology provides answers on how psychologists advise when we are heartbroken.

Family Counseling advice #1: Do not find reasons that we are heartbroken.

When we are heartbroken one of the less admirable attempts we will have is to try to figure out the cause of our breakup with our partner by asking ourselves questions and thoughts, most of which are prone to self-blame. And have a negative view of myself, such as how bad I am? Because I’m not beautiful enough Not rich enough, right? How is that person better than me? Or because that younger person, who had definitely met the day before, was stealing her for something like this, etc.

In addition, this effort will not help in finding an answer. Still does not help to strengthen the support to fight heartbreak at all. For we will be despondent, crying alone in the room That is, if we are strong enough It will only be one moment in the past life. But if we are sensitive to some Depression is definitely coming to the front of the room, so with the concern of family counseling psychologists we suggest Don’t look for a reason

Family Counseling advice #2: Accept that our story is over.

How the family counseling psychologist recommends next It must be considered the most difficult method. But the most should be done is to accept that our story is over. Do not try to deceive yourself with the hope that we have created that he will come back. Because when we deceive ourselves we build our belief that our loved ones speak according to their emotions. I will not stop being serious. We’ll be back and wait. Wait indefinitely. Waiting like a chance to win the government lottery that I will be rich, but the wealth never comes Love is the same.

Waiting for someone to fall out of love could never happen. Because if he loves us enough, the word “quit” will never be spoken out of his mouth. And even if he actually returns But the one who broke up with us He was able to tell us more by Nobody Care how we would feel. How painful so will we bring our precious hearts to him again to torture? If we still have to bear in love with those who do not love us Fight to stay single for the world to regret better. Because there are many people who love us

Family Counseling advice #3: Think about the bad things between each other or find reasons that they are not suitable for us.

If our minds continue to think about the old lover, family counseling psychologists, therefore, recommend following the Thai proverb: “Thorn thorn must bring thorns”, that is, if we only think about the happy days. The days when we were together Please write down the stories of the bad days, the days of the fight.

The day he broke up with us What he does not do well to us Including the reasons why we and he are not suitable And when we go back and miss him again, open it and read it. Open our blacklist, read it over and over, and the memory we have of him will never be the same. In this section, I have to ask to leave first.

That it is not intended to be hostile or to hate your ex-lover, the intent is to want you to balance your feelings. To neutralize the mind Can withdraw feelings from a relationship Without too much embarrassment When our hearts feel better We will be able to return to thinking of our former lovers without feeling anything.

Family Counseling advice #4: Don’t let yourself be lonely.

The iron rule that family counseling psychologists reiterate that heartbroken does not do is to be alone. Because when we are alone, the thing that can hurt us the most is our own thoughts. That will keep replaying images in memories And the question keeps reiterating that we feel bad about ourselves, so what we should do to overcome heartbreak is to live with people we are close to.

Our whole family, close friends, pets, or take ourselves to do activities. Things that we love, such as surfing, boarding, shopping, and traveling to the sea, get yourself out of the shadows of our hearts as much as possible.

Go out to get the light to create a life force. Fill your heart with fire, open your ears, open your eyes and open your heart to learn the world through people who love us. And favorite activities Just not for long We will return to being the same person who sees the world. With new eyes that are brighter than before.

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