Sports Physiotherapy and its effects in regular basis


Before starting a training routine, whether we are professional athletes or simply doing it to be fit and improve our health, we should consult with physical activity experts who will help us exercise all the muscles of our body without risk of injury. At Transcend Health, the sports equation that works best is the combination of personal training with sports physiotherapy.

We have already spoken on other occasions about the importance of a good training plan in order to achieve our goals (How to start a personalized training), but to avoid that an injury ends up spoiling our routine, in addition to the personal trainer, we must rely on the sports physiotherapist.

When talking about this specialty, the image of the professional who jumps onto the field when a footballer is injured may come to mind, but what is sports physiotherapy really? We consulted Transcend Health, an expert in sports physiotherapy in Newcastle, who explains that it is the branch of physiotherapy that focuses on the prevention and rehabilitation of sports injuries. That is, it prevents, cures and regenerates the possible damage caused to our locomotor system when doing sports.

Prevention and treatment of injuries with physical therapy

On a preventive level, physiotherapy has a very important job, in addition to improving our muscle capacity by avoiding overloads after training, it helps us to improve posture and avoid bad habits in daily life.


Transcend Health affirms that “by means of a correct posture with a good vertebral alignment in the basic activities of daily life, that is to say, when sitting down, picking up an object or also for sports activities, many injuries can be avoided. The work of a sports physiotherapist is also to teach postural hygiene to ensure that pathologies do not occur, which if we know how to act correctly, we could avoid”.

Another objective of this discipline is the counseling and rehabilitation of those patients who, inevitably, have suffered an injury so that they can resume their exercise routines safely and without risk of relapse.

“Regarding on the treatment, it will help us to diagnose various injuries, be they are on tendon, muscle, ligament, etc. so that we can propose a specific action plan on the injured structure. But for our treatment to be effective, the diagnosis is very important, we must find the cause of the problem and treat it, since pain is not always the cause of the injury, therefore, we must see the body as a whole in a global way” Clarifies us.

Within the treatment, there are different techniques to achieve a full recovery after suffering an injury, from physical agents such as cryotherapy with the application of ice or thermotherapy with the application of heat, to chemical agents such as electrotherapy currents. Therapeutic exercise that varies according to the type is also usually used.

sports physiotherapy

For injury, an acute and recent injury should not be treated the same as a chronic injury, and manual therapy, commonly known as massage, which is one of the traditional methods by which this profession is known. In our sports physiotherapy center in Newcastle, in addition to the usual manual treatments, we have specialized machinery to help you recover as soon as possible.

In summary, the figure of the sports physiotherapist is essential for the good performance of an athlete. It guides us to be able to obtain a good physical condition that allows us to achieve our sporting goals, and in case of injury, through proper treatment and rehabilitation, it shortens the recovery time.

How to improve sports performance with physical therapy?

Physiotherapy offers many benefits and, in addition to being important for health, it facilitates muscle recovery, which is essential to improve the athlete’s performance. The muscular and joint structures of those who perform sports at a competitive or amateur level require great efforts, the athlete is constantly under stress, so injuries such as contractures, tendinopathies or stiffness can arise that are counteracted with physiotherapy and in this way allow improvement your performance.

physiotherapist in Newcastle

“If you are a full time athlete, the physiotherapist are the ones who will be in charge of providing you the right tools to avoid most common injuries, in this way, you may not be stopped in your training and you will be able to perform 100%., it also provides the appropriate treatment to the discomfort that occurs present to help rapid recovery and that in this way you can maintain sports performance at the appropriate level.

Undoubtedly, physiotherapy plays a very important role in improving the performance of athletes and every athlete must have the advice of qualified personnel in the area.

If you have come this far and you are looking for a physiotherapy center in Newcastle, don’t think twice and make an appointment with our professionals today!

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