Plumbing repair


“There is nothing worse than coming home from a holiday and finding that your pipes have burst. You need plumbing repair.”

“The worst part about being away on holidays when you come back to find out the water has been leaking for weeks, it’s not just going through all of your stuff – it’s expensive too! Thankfully there are good plumbing in Newcastle who can fix or replace any broken piping system so don’t panic if this happens!”

Need Plumbing Repair

  1. Leak detection
  2. Pipe Repair and replacement
  3. Sewer repair and replacement
  4. Hot water system installation, repair, or replacement

If you have started repairs in the bathroom and found out that the water supply pipes are worn out, then they need plumbing to be replaced. And just in general, in modern houses, developers lay polypropylene pipes, and if there are still metal pipes in your apartment, then it is best to replace them with new polypropylene pipes. The replacement of pipes is as follows. A good place to start is by replacing the riser pipes.

Be sure to make an application to your management company to turn off the water in the hot and cold water risers. Prepare in advance everything you need to replace the risers. You will need polypropylene pipes, couplings, tees, water shut-off taps, and of course a special welding machine for welding polypropylene pipes. It is good, of course, to entrust the plumbing work to a specialist, but if you are confident in your abilities, you can do it yourself, there is nothing difficult about it.

After the water is turned off, you can start replacing the risers. If your risers are metal, then you need to cut off the risers themselves with a grinder from above and below and cut the threads at the ends of the pipes with a cutter and screw the adapter from metal polypropylene. 

If the risers are polypropylene, then you can immediately proceed with the installation of a new riser. Next, we solder the riser itself, insert a new one instead of the cut pipe, do not forget to make bends to your apartment, and put taps on the bends so that you can turn on the water in your riser, and you do not have water flowing from the pipes

Now you need to think about where what equipment will be in your bathroom. If you have a project, then we check with the project and, according to the drawings, make markings where you will lay pipes for hot and cold water, as well as sewerage. Using a grinder, perforator, or wall chaser, you need to cut the grooves for laying pipes. Then we solder the pipes according to the scheme you drew, or use the services of designers, and fix them in the strobes using special clips, or simply cover them up with alabaster.

Replacement of sewer pipes is also done. We remove the old sewer pipes. We mark the sewer pipes, if necessary, grooves and lay the pipes, having previously checked that there would be a slope towards the drainage of the water. There is no need to do a large slope, five to ten degrees is enough for the water to drain into the central sewerage system. They also need to be fixed with special clamps so that they do not sag during operation, and maintain the slope set for them.

Plumbing has been a lifelong profession. I know what to do when it comes to fixing plumbing problems, and with the proper tools, you can too! So if your pipes are clogged or leaking in any way, come talk to us about how we might be able to see more quickly fix them right away before they cause major damage.